A father of three who lives in a tent selflessly donates his last $2 to a stranger at a gas station

Even in the darkest of times, it’s crucial to remember that there’s always a glimmer of hope waiting for us. This hope shone brightly for a kind-hearted man who selflessly gave up his children’s lunch to assist a stranger in need.

Sean used to have a lucrative position as a manager in the past. He resided in a cozy apartment in Oakland with his family, enjoying life to the fullest until his wife fell ill. Regrettably, her condition demanded an extended hospital stay and costly treatments, leading Sean to make the difficult decision of selling their home.

Unfortunately, his wife didn’t survive. She passed on, leaving Sean and the children behind.


Sean found himself homeless after quitting his job to care for his wife before her passing. Now, he and his children are living in a tent community, facing financial hardships.

Additionally, he struggled to secure full-time employment and could only take on part-time work during his children’s school hours.

Sean took the kids to the closest gas station for some affordable hot-dogs. While heading to the store, he spotted a family in need. After a moment of hesitation, he decided to approach them and ask if they needed help.

As he inquired about their well-being, the gentleman explained that his spouse was in labor and they were on their way to the hospital when their car ran out of fuel. In their rush, they had left their wallets behind and were now in need of some cash to purchase a gallon of gas, ensuring they could reach the hospital in time.


“Alright, sir. I only have $2, but you can have it,” Sean said while taking the last two dollars out of his pocket.

“I appreciate it! Thank you!” the man said. “No problem,” Sean responded..

“I only had a few coins in the car, but with this, I can fill up a gallon and get to the hospital,” The man appreciatively received the donation. “To show my gratitude, could you share your contact details with me so I can repay you?”

Sean provided his phone number to the man, Matthew, who had introduced himself, and then witnessed them speeding away in the car to make it in time for the baby delivery.

Sean was abruptly awakened the next day by the noise of two jeeps pulling up. A group of men emerged from the vehicles and delivered a letter to Sean.

He was requested to be at a specific location at a designated time on that day.

Sean followed instructions obediently. Upon reaching the destination, he was surprised to see that it was Matthew who had extended the invitation. Matthew seemed to be associated with a highly prosperous firm. Inside, Matthew revealed that he was the proprietor and was seeking a partner to launch a new venture. Unsurprisingly, he had chosen Sean for the role.


Sean wondered if it wouldn’t make more sense to have a partner who is financially stable, even though he wasn’t sure if he could turn down such an offer.

Matthew raised an eyebrow and remarked, “Money, huh?” He continued, “That wealthy guy in the Lexus didn’t even bother to help me out with a few bucks for gas before you came along. But you, you gave me your last few bucks that day. That means more to me than any amount of money from an investor. I want to infuse more heart into my business, not just more money.”

Sean agreed to the proposal. Shortly thereafter, he secured an apartment for himself and his children, and assisted some of his former tent-mates. He even extended job opportunities to a few of them at the fresh company.

Little did this man imagine that a small gesture of kindness would have such a profound impact on his life, far beyond what he could have ever dreamed of.

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