After 15 Years Of “Imprisonment” In An Aquarium Pool, A Dolphin Dies Abandoned To Solitude

No animal deserves to be captured and to live in captivity, for the satisfaction and amusement of human beings. No. Yet there are some species, such as dolphins, which in Japan are often captured to end up living their entire lives in captivity in an aquarium tank or killed to be sold in the Asian country’s fishing markets. The story of Honey the dolphin is the symbol of this cruelty to these splendid mammals.


image credit: The Dolphin Project/YouTube

Honey was captured in 2005 and placed in an aquarium pool in Japan ; the poor dolphin then lived a large part of his life in a relatively small space; this captive situation lasted until 2019, and was tracked and filmed over the years by the rescue association The Dolphin Project, which for years and years tried to save poor Honey from the clutches of management of the Japanese aquarium .


image credit: The Dolphin Project/YouTube

In 2018, the Taiji Aquarium went bankrupt, forcing the transfer or sale of many animals that lived there as prisoners. However, Honey the dolphin has never left the pool area that has always housed her since her capture in 2005. The year following the bankruptcy, in 2019, the aquarium came under the jurisdiction of the Kaisou Health Center. (who looked after the health of the remaining animals in the facility), but nothing stopped Honey’s physical condition from deteriorating day by day …

And the Dolphin Project has not succeeded in snatching the dolphin from this sad basin, not even from the new administration …


image credit: The Dolphin Project/YouTube

Eventually, the loneliness, lack of space, and sadness affected his body, and despite Project Dolphin’s attempts to purchase the dolphin, it was too late and Honey died alone in his lifelong pool .

Grieved by the disappearance of the dolphin, The Dolphin Project explained that in October 2019, it decided to create the world’s first dolphin sanctuary to deal with cases like Honey, who has come to symbolize the terrible captivity of many. animals.

A story without happy ending, which has become the emblem of the life of seclusion that many of these animals are forced to live to satisfy the needs of “entertainment” of the human being. What a deep sadness …

source used: The Dolphin Project

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