A Rare 2,500-year-old Bronze Helmet Found, It Belonged To A Greek Soldier.

The discovery of objects dating back several centuries is an event of fundamental importance for historians, archaeologists, and antiquity enthusiasts. The discovery of this rare and priceless object excited archaeologists: a 2,500-year-old helmet was found in good condition in the port of Haifa, Israel. This was announced by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). It is assumed that the helmet was worn by a Greek warrior in the sixth or fifth century BC.


image credit: Israel Antiquities Authority/Facebook

The helmet was discovered by a Dutch ship at the bottom of the Mediterranean in 2007 and was handed over to the Israel Antiquities Authority’s maritime unit. This is a Corinthian helmet and is believed to have been designed and produced in the city of Corinth, Greece, in the 6th century BC, during the Greco-Persian Wars. Archaeologists have been able to trace its precise origin thanks to its peculiar pattern, and if you look closely you can indeed see an intricate peacock tail pattern above the slits of the eyes. The helmet was made from a single sheet of bronze, which was then worked and shaped by heating and hammering. This technique made it possible to reduce the weight of the


image credit: Ancient Greek helmets/MisterPlus65/Wikipedia

The helmet is believed to belong to a Greek warrior who was on board one of the warships that took part in the naval conflict with the Persians. It was designed to fit snugly on an individual’s head and to ensure that it cannot be removed very quickly. The helmet, in fact, had to guarantee the safety of the man who wore it. This find, although it remained at the bottom of the sea for about 2,500 years, is well preserved: it was only rusted in some places.

Israel Antiquities Authority officials say this find is rare and priceless, as the Corinthian helmet is the only such piece found in Israeli waters. It is currently on display at the Israeli Navy Museum in Haifa, on the northern coast of Israel.

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