24-Foot Shark Washes Ashore in UK, Forklift Removes Carcass


The classic line from “Jaws” is “You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” but in this case, they needed a bigger forklift when a huge 24-foot shark washed up on the shore in the United Kingdom!

Even though it may sound like something from a movie like “The Meg,” the shark incident on Sunday at Maidens Beach in Scotland was very real.

dead shark sub 1

But the sea creature’s body was spotted moving in the water before washing up on the shore, which made many people think that it was alive.


Lots of people at first thought it was a whale, but it’s actually the second biggest fish called a basking shark. They had to call British Divers Marine Life Rescue and Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme to come help.

dead shark sub 4

A person at the beach asked for help, and said to What’s The Jam that she went into the water to check if the animal was alive or not.

She said, “I wanted to see if I could help it, in case it was alive and struggling, so I wore a wetsuit and went into the water to check.”

dead shark sub 3

Yolanda quickly figured out that the shark was no longer alive. She saw that it was caught in a rope with its tail in its mouth. She thought that maybe the shark passed away while attempting to escape… such a heartbreaking sight.

When the rescue teams got there, they brought a forklift to the beach to help move the dead shark.

Even though people watching might have been scared, basking sharks are really not dangerous at all. Even though they are huge and have big mouths, they only eat tiny plankton.

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