22 Photos That Show Us How Mother Nature Can Surprise Us In The Most Unexpected Ways.

That nature never ceases to amaze us is a fact of life, and yet at a time like this when the risk of environmental pollution is increasingly alarming and many of the most beautiful creations on the planet. in which we live are threatened with permanent disappearance, it is always pleasant to be surprised by the work of Mother Nature.

These 22 unusual photographs show how the reality around us will never cease to leave us speechless!

#1. When the sky smiles on you, you smile for life

image creditrtyuh7u8: lassewww/Tumblr

#2. Do you see the number 69 on the wing of this beautiful butterfly?

image credit: Imgur

#3. This stone was polished by nature, and now looks like tasty bread!

#4. A perfect square of clouds seen on board an airplane …

image credit: Zorm Leahcim/Reddit

#5. A perfectionist farmer … even too much!

image credit: sivribiber/Reddit

#6. … The square of clouds seen from below …. wow!

image credit: Zorm Leahcim/Reddit

#7. This curious tree … has a nose!

image credit: Hockey Cannon/Reddit

#8. A very recognizable duck’s head on the plumage of this extraordinary insect!

image credit: Mr Schhh/Reddit

#9. When we kiss the dragons …

image credit: greatcanine/Imgur

#10. This ingenious spider invented … the zipper!

image credit: Mizkovi/Reddit

#11. The happiest caterpillar in the world!

image credit: Imgur

#12. The marine trident is the distinctive symbol of this unusual lizard.

image credit: Osshhh/Reddit

#13. This fallen tree has a perfect sense of symmetry

image credit: TheTobyRobot/Reddit

#14. This charming dog’s paw has another paw inside.

image credit: uwuuwu/Reddit

#15. One tree falls and four more trees sprout … the visual effect is amazing!

image credit: expatriate77/Reddit

#16. A pebble with such a perfect spherical shape … it is difficult to find another so easily!

image credit: retroly/Reddit

#17. The stone is still dry … for now!

image credit: moniso/Reddit

#18.This sunflower is born and grows from the gutter specially to face the sun.

image credit: Toothrag/Reddit

#19. Hay bales? No, snow

image credit: wee-dancer/Reddit

#20. The roots of this tree have definitely taken over …

image credit: worldbeyondyourown/Reddit

#21. Owl eyes fix on the wings of this butterfly …

image credit: Randy Jackson5/Reddit

These images make us open our eyes in disbelief, but they are the demonstration of the extraordinary variety of colors, surprises, and shapes of a truly … unusual Nature!

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