Full Time At The Desk In Front Of The Computer, In 20 Years You Might Look Like This Creepy Doll.

Most office workers spend around 8 hours a day in the office, and after a few years, the effects of sedentary work and hours spent with slack backs and eyes fixed on a screen begin to be felt: back pain, tense shoulder muscles, burning eyes, itchy fingers are among the most common ailments. What will happen to our body and our health in the future if we don’t start changing our habits now?


image credit: Fit2Order/Facebook

The doll was created by Fellowes Brands, a company that provides technology solutions. A team of ergonomists and doctors, led by behavioral specialist William Higham, show us what could happen to our physique: after evaluating exam data from over 3,000 employees – from UK, France, and Germany – the group managed to get a feel for how the human body will be called upon to change over the next 20 years, due to the bad habits we have now acquired in the office. The idea of ​​what we might look like in two decades took the form of Emma, a life-size doll made using a 3D printer. She’s a creepy doll, but it’s even scarier to think that it could be us, us working behind desks, hunched over in front of a computer.


image credit: Fellow Brands/Youtube

She has a lump from sitting for many hours in a bad position, she has varicose veins from poor blood circulation, her eyes are inflamed from hours of staring at the screen. And that’s not all: she has swollen ankles and wrists, irritated skin, excessive hair growth on her nose and ears, caused by poor ventilation in closed offices. Behavioral scientist William Higham wants us to understand, through Emma, ​​how urgent it is to change our ways in order to move away from the perspective to which – otherwise – we are inevitably destined.


image credit: Fellow Brands/Youtube

Employers and employees alike are responsible for change: take more breaks, get up more often, and walk around. We need to work in larger, brighter spaces, with more comfortable workstations. Will Emma be able to inspire change? It’s too late for her, but there is still time for us.

source used: skynews

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