18 Illustrations That Leave A Mark, Ideal For Reflecting On The Problems And Contradictions Of Our Society.

Sometimes we don’t even realize it, but society, with its rhythms, customs, unwritten rules, manages to swallow us up as if it were a “higher” organism. And in doing so, it leads to hundreds and hundreds of contradictions, from the smallest to the most macroscopic, which unfortunately often seem difficult to overcome.

Overwhelming technology, gender inequality, an increasingly complex and undemocratic world of work, an increasingly threatened environment, and less and less time to do anything. These are just a few of the concepts in which we can all recognize the societies in which we live. This is why we have decided to show you 18 striking, representative, and very current illustrations which, without words, have succeeded in expressing all these concepts by providing us with interesting food for thought.

#1. Our ego, fueled by a few more likes

image credit: John Holcroft/Facebook

#2. The weight of urbanization and modernity, inexorably crushing nature.

#3. A picture that describes better than a thousand words the difficulties that many women at work face in relation to men.

image credit: John Holcroft/Facebook

#4. “The workforce at your disposal”: a relevant metaphor.

image credit: John Holcroft/Facebook

#5. Sometimes it seems that man does not care about the one planet that hosts him.

#6. They are both children, but one of them was born in the “wrong” place.

#7. Another striking and useful image for thinking about gender inequality in the world of work.

image credit: Pinterest

#8. All lined up and crowded towards work … or towards alienation?

#9. His voice is too weak against the giants of the web.

image credit: John Holcroft/Facebook

#10. Every day appears like this for many women.

image credit: John Holcroft/Facebook

#11. In the infinite loop of time.

image credit: Igor Morski

#12. Stop the world, I want to get off!

image credit:

#13. Few words are needed to describe this illustration.

image credit: John Holcroft/Facebook

#14. Rather iconic, isn’t it?

#15. Facebook: the new confessional.

image credit: Pinterest

#16. Do we really want to take root, taken as we are in our virtual relationships?

image credit: John Holcroft/Facebook

These illustrations are great food for thought to stop for a moment and think about who we are and what we do, don’t you think?

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