17 Times The “Panoramic Photo” Function Has Generated Disturbing Masterpieces Of The Absurd.

When we bought our new smartphone, we couldn’t believe it: we were able to take incredible panoramic photos to make everyone jealous! A panoramic photo is taken by the lens of our smartphone when it takes a series of photos one after the other in sequence, while the internal software evaluates the edges, the movements, the colors. This is why it is always good to take a panoramic photo on subjects that are static, otherwise … the result becomes grotesque!

#1. Maybe that outstretched arm for a selfie could have been shorter!

image credit: Strid3r21/Reddit

#2. A simple camera error or are we facing Cerbère?

image credit: Pufferchung/Reddit

#3. The impression that this wave is 10 meters high is really real!

image credit: gandalfisadrugdealer/Reddit

#4. Duplication of body parts!

image credit: -Skizza/Reddit

#5. Mmm, a camel man?

image credit: irrelejuante/Reddit

#6. Danger imminent !

image credit: Hidreley Leli Dião / Reddit

#7. An unprecedented case of dwarfism

image credit: ender411/Reddit

#8. The movie “Inception” come true

image credit: wisconsin_cheese_/Reddit

#9. Past, present or future?

image credit: McFortune-Cookie/Reddit

#10, Here is the extremely rare centipede cat!

image credit: FallenCoffee/Reddit

#11. Siamese sisters!

image credit: HighFunctioningCrazyCatLady/Reddit

#12. The perfect panoramic photo to understand how the lens captures all the subject’s movements in space-time

image credit: panoramafail.tumblr/Tumblr

#13. A very rare case of ubiquity, without a doubt!

image credit: kinghenrydood/Instagram

#14. The giant of the mountain!

image credit: Quantum_Quentin/Reddit

#15. A very open-minded individual!

image credit: fly_pizza_pie/Reddit

#16. A dog straight out of the worst horror movie!

image credit: Saprostomous99/Reddit

#17. I’m about to dissolve into the atmosphere … goodbye …

image credit: mystpineapple/Reddit

These panoramic photos are so ugly and sometimes surreal that you could almost say: “Nice performance!”

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