The Dark Side Of Nature: 17 “Natural” Images That Will Make Your Blood Run Cold.

We often offer you articles in which we show you beautiful places in the world, which are worth a visit at least once in your life. We are well aware, however, that Nature has a double form, a benign form, and a form unfavorable to man. Rain, lightning, lightning, and hail are phenomena which, although frequent, have always a frightened man. But nature is capable of much more: check out these appalling and spooky photos created by Mother Nature!

#1. Xylaria, a type of fungus that looks like human fingers sticking out of the ground.

#2. The waves move the algae: but in each of our heads, there are sea monsters ready to attack the swimmers!

#3. Birds that invade the skies of Rome.

#4. What remains of a bony fish.

#5. A very lucrative hunting party.

#6. Go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and find a surprise.

#7. The lion’s mouth is a flowering plant in the shape of a skull.

#8. This is his bunk.

#9. The Arthurus Archeri, another Dante mushroom.

#10. A statue swallowed by a tree.

#11. A three-legged frog.

#12. There is a lot of fear inside the geese’s mouths.

#13. “Sit down!”

#14. An omen?

#15. Feeling watched at night …

#16. These ants formed a question mark.

#17. This man turned on his flashlight as he walked into the basement. Bad idea.

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