17 Examples Of Bizarre Buildings You Can’t Help But Stop By.

What is architecture if not the expression of the personality of the person who designs a building? Often, for specific needs or for reasons of functionality, designers and planners are forced to make compromises, proposing buildings that do not necessarily shine with their personality, but when their work tools are free to express all their creativity. , we can find ourselves in front of real wonders.

We’re talking about all those cases where practicality, aesthetics, and artistry come together, or where aesthetics can steer everything, at the cost of making a building quirky, but no less fascinating. Architects and artists may have let their imaginations run wild in designing these buildings, but a fair amount of eccentricity is often required, especially to grab attention and deliver something unforgettable. The constructions that we have gathered below represent this category: examples of architectural originality from all over the world. Are you ready to discover them?

#1. Looks like this little house is … overweight!

image credit: smokinpeteria/reddit

It is no coincidence that this ironic and at the same time profound work by Erwin Wurm is called “Fat house”!

#2. Do you think it came from an illustration? You are wrong !

image credit: alleyAquarius27 / reddit

It’s a mural, sure, but the way it was designed and adapted to this building in Industry City, Brooklyn, is truly unique, don’t you think?

#3. Would you live there?

image credit: reddit

A sort of ultra-modern monolith, certainly not the best if you don’t like closed spaces …

#4. A habitable “white tree”

image credit: passeko/reddit

This incredible building is located in Montpellier, France, and was designed by Sou Fujimoto.

#5. It looks almost “unfinished”, but it’s not.

image credit: sacrecoeur1206/reddit

This is Plot # 1282 from Beirut, Lebanon, designed by Bernard Khoury and located in the northern suburbs of the capital.

#6. The biggest covered market in the Netherlands

image credit: malgoya/reddit

It is located in Rotterdam, and is nothing short of spectacular!

#7. What do you think of with this rolled up shape?

image credit: abaganoush/reddit

This is the building that houses the National Carpet Museum in Baku, Azerbaijan!

#8. Cat or nursery? The two !

image credit: lisino/reddit

This is not a bad idea for a building that will have to accommodate and entertain children, is it?

#9. When the shape of the building fully reflects its function.

image credit: GreenPlasticChair/reddit

This is the structure that houses the Fisheries Department in Hyderabad, India.

#10. A truly impressive sight

image credit: tanmaypendse63/reddit

This residential complex is located in the Netherlands, and it must be said that its houses are truly unique!

#11. A maxi-turtle that welcomes you in its shell!

image credit: reddit

#12. Did you recognize her? It’s a locomotive, and guess what building it houses?

image credit: Longrua1231/reddit

Obviously a train station, and it’s in Japan.

#13. Looks like a bunch of LEGOs stacked on top of each other, doesn’t it?

image credit: reddit

#14. This is what it’s like to live near the highway …

image credit: reddit

Or even in this case, above! Here in Osaka, Japan.

#15. Modernity and tradition

image credit: malgoya/reddit

It is difficult to imagine a union more pronounced than this one. You like ?

#16. An old gas station that fully reflects the brand!

image credit: reddit

It was made in the 1930s, it’s from Shell, and it could only have been shaped like a yellow seashell!

#17. Stunning yet fascinating at the same time: found in China

image credit: Looks_pretty_cool/reddit

Have you ever seen weird, funny and unusual buildings like these around you? Tell us in the comments !

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