16 Times People Noticed Coincidences Too Obvious Not To Be Immortalized

Pure coincidence or event motivated by a reason? We could open a very long debate on this question, and no one would certainly be able to provide concrete and real answers. There are those who believe that nothing is due to chance and that each event of our life is registered for a precise purpose; on the contrary, there are those who think that everything, in the end, is subject to chance, without anything being able to be done about it.

Without going too deeply into the “philosophical” discourse, we do not know who is right. It is certain that sooner or later we all found ourselves faced with very peculiar , strange, even incredible coincidences . And in those moments, one would surely wonder if it was really more or less fortuitous. Just like the 16 people who took the photos we’ll show you: times when fate had fun matching shapes, objects, people and more. Ready to experience a series of coincidences?

#1. The perfect match between the dress and the landscape!

image credit: Cyberious123/reddit

#2. How to dress in front of the “purple store”? Obviously with a purple T-shirt!

image credit: spritely1/reddit

#3. The treasure may be right there, under the tree: an incredible photo!

image credit: Imgur

#4. He parked next to me with the same car, the same color, the license plate only changing one number!

image credit: KillerCondor64/reddit

#5. Coincidences on the train: we turn around and see ourselves … ourselves!

image credit: bunkaah/reddit

#6. I dropped some water and this is what formed on the table: a musical coincidence!

image credit: reddit

#7. The scene from the movie I was watching matched the sunset at the window perfectly.

image credit: and_discuss/reddit

#8. When you meet two complete strangers who are dressed exactly like you and your boyfriend …

image credit: Imgur

#9. The top crack looks a lot like a Corgi dog, the bottom crack … Texas!

image credit: Imgur

#10. The beer foam in my glass has taken on a rather disturbing shape!

image credit: originolo/reddit

#11. I found the car that fits my bag perfectly!

image credit: Imgur

#12. As a muffin, it doesn’t look great, but as a “sweet elephant” it is really perfect!

image credit:

#13. A crisps without doubt unique: it formed like a treble clef!

image credit: HonestMeg / reddit

#14. When the cracker in your soup makes you smile!

image credit: reddit

#15. My milk expires on September 11 at … 9:11!

image credit: reddit

#16. From this angle, the rocks form an astonishing … heart!

image credit: davidx21300/reddit

What do you think? Have you ever been faced with incredible coincidences like these?

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