16 Heartwarming Tattoos Inspired By Cute Stories.

Many of the people who get tattoos do it in order to commemorate someone or remember a situation that marked them. Capturing these memories in our bodies is a great gesture of love and respect for other people.

These 16 people decided to leave the memory of those whom they will always remember on their bodies.

#01. My friend and I always watched SpongeBob when we were kids. Today I carry it with me.

#02. The last three heartbeats of my dad.

#03. I tattooed my son’s scar.

#04. “I thought we had a lifetime.”

#05. His grandparents passed away and now there are two birds on my shoulder.

#06. That’s how my grandmother laughed.

#07. “Until we meet again, Mom.”

#08. I take my dog ​​Corbi with me.

#09. Sisters love.

#10. This drawing was made by my little boy and I remember it that way.

#11. The happiest day of my life, the day my daughter was born.

#12. A tribute to my little puppy.

#13. My grandmother got a tattoo of a letter my grandfather wrote her before he died.

#14. I am enough.

#15. My mom’s favorite phrase: “You’re going to be fine”

#16. A little reminder “You are loved.”

Do you have a tattoo that commemorates someone’s presence? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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