16 Breathtaking Photos Show The Power Of Nature And Make Us Feel Small In Front Of It.

How many times have we felt small and insignificant in the face of Mother Nature? Certain places, scenes, landscapes, and phenomena of the environment around us have a really strong power over us. In a mixture of fascination, anxiety, and helplessness, they manage to communicate to us that, despite everything, nature and its elements will always manage to show us their power. This is perhaps also why they must be respected always and in all cases.

The photos we have gathered below are proof of that. What are we talking about ? 16 breathtaking scenes in which nature has shown itself to be alive, powerful, and capable of taking back what belonged to it. Have you ever seen something like this?

#1. A perspective joke showing the power of the elements.

image credit: Pikabu

These trees were literally pushed to the ground: looking at them from above, it seems that there is something “twisted” in this photo …

#2. It’s amazing to see what nature is capable of.

image credit: smallermuse/reddit

This tree literally embraced this balustrade: fascinating and impressive at the same time!

#3. A breathtaking underwater “waterfall”.

image credit: lochanakalana/reddit

We are in Mauritius, and it is not a real waterfall. This is a spectacular optical illusion. This does not prevent this place, Le Morne Brabant, from being truly fascinating!

#4. When the sky offers us spectacles like this, we cannot help but feel very small in front of it.

image credit: Pikabu

#5. Nothing Stops the Power of Mother Nature

image credit: sacrecoeur1206/reddit

In the end, natural elements will always know how and where to find their space!

#6. An entire abandoned castle is the perfect place to reclaim!

image credit: reddit

#7. The power of water summed up in one photo

image credit: reddit

Thousands of years of erosion have given birth to this natural spectacle: it is located in Sweden.

#8. Nothing can stop it, even in the most difficult and unusual places.

image credit: ynbeishtkione/reddit

An image that “speaks” for itself, strong and full of meaning.

#9. From mainland to island

image credit: Pikabu

It’s amazing how natural phenomena can change landscapes from day to night, right?

#10. In some time, there will be no trace of the passage of man …

image credit: Sy3Zy3Gy3/reddit

#11. A photo that says more than a thousand words

image credit: Imgur

#12. A very … hungry tree

image credit: Pikabu

This panel, slowly, will become one with the trunk: it looks like its prey!

#13. A privileged position for a breathtaking spectacle.

image credit: Pikabu

Really amazing, don’t you think?

#14. An almost enchanted landscape …

image credit: DCGMechanics/reddit

Who knows where this railroad led? No one has been there for a long, long time!

#15. Yes, the one behind the door is really snow: amazing!

image credit: Xingua92/reddit

In the face of the force of nature, there is almost nothing we humans can do: these photos prove it. Have you ever witnessed scenes like these?

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