16 Amazing Infrastructures That Deserve An Award For Their Practicality And Originality.

There are structures that can capture our gaze. Have you ever seen a bridge, an airport, a train station or a building so special that it almost seems to come from a parallel world, more unreal than material?

If you answered yes, you will certainly appreciate the photos we have put together below. These are infrastructures of all kinds, which all have one thing in common: they were designed by true champions of architecture and engineering. With one look at aesthetics, another at practicality, and yet another look at sustainability and progress, these elements have improved the landscape, people’s daily lives, and more. Ready to take a journey through the world’s most fascinating and original structures?

#1. The Amager Bakke in Copenhagen

image credit: nowhere–man/reddit

This building is an incredible example of versatility: it is an incinerator that recovers heat and energy, and it also houses ski slopes, hiking trails and a climbing wall, the highest in the world!

#2. Suspended 565 meters above a river

image credit: reddit

This is the Beipanjiang Bridge in China, which crosses the Nizhu River. Fascinating, isn’t it?

#3. Three overlapping bridges

image credit: aldebxran/reddit

We are in London, and here we have a road that crosses a canal that crosses a railway line.

#4. The Veluwemeer aqueduct in the Netherlands: a truly incredible structure

image credit: reddit

Above the boats, below the cars: a truly incredible bridge over water, with an optical illusion.

#5. A dense network of bridges in Norway

image credit: reddit

Between the islands of an archipelago …

#6. An incredible “V” bridge

image credit: tanmaypendse63/reddit

It’s located in Moscow, and it’s really futuristic, isn’t it?

#7. An ordinary roundabout … except that it is under water!

image credit: Urgent / reddit

Yes, this architectural wonder can be found underwater, in the Faroe Islands. Looks like some kind of giant jellyfish!

#8. The channel? He’s on the bridge!

image credit: reddit

It almost seems like reality has been turned upside down, doesn’t it? It is located in Belgium.

#9. With such futuristic architecture, it could only hide a train station.

image credit: AlarmedYoshi/reddit

It is the main one in Vienna.

#10. Comparison of three generations of bridges

image credit: reddit

We are in Scotland, and here is the Forth Rail Bridge from 1889, the Forth Road Bridge from 1964 and the Queensferry Crossing from 2017.

#11. An echo of circles!

image credit: aapgrolleman/reddit

A really original idea for this Danish residential community, would you live there?

#12. Designed by a very, very complex mind

image credit: reddit

This incredible intersection is located near Tokyo!

#13. An impressive dam with sinuous lines

image credit: reddit

#14. A cactus that is not a cactus

image credit: earthmoonsun/reddit

It is in fact a telephone tower, built in this way to harmonize with nature.

#15. Heated sidewalks, safety guaranteed!

image credit: reddit

We are in Michigan, and this system uses wastewater from a power plant: it can melt snow and ice, making transit easier and safer for citizens.

#16. An eco-pipeline in all its splendor!

image credit: earthmoonsun/reddit

It’s the Veluwe, and it’s in the Netherlands.

#17. The future is already here

image credit: reddit

A truly futuristic setting, offered by the Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore.

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