15 Trees That Couldn’t Help But “Eat” Everything In Front Of Them.

So, let’s be clear right away: trees are living beings essential to the balance of the ecosystem of our planet, but they are not endowed with consciousness, and cannot be considered as human beings. Why do we say this, you will say? Simply because in this gallery of curious images that we have selected for you, some trees seem to literally eat and swallow everything in front of them, as if they were 100% human!

#1. We never refuse a can of beer!

image credit: Instagram

#2. This tree probably wanted to jump … the fence!

image credit: Instagram

#3. Yum, good metal!

image credit: Instagram

#4. On the way to North Carolina … over here!

image credit: Instagram

#5. A fascinating image imbued with mystery an oriental statue literally swallowed by the roots of this tree …

image credit: Instagram

#6. A tree that seems to want to leave a coded message to the passerby …

image credit: Instagram

#7. In the series being literally surrounded by nature …

#8. And who said trees don’t want parts for a photo?

#9. For the child who is still looking for his bike. we think we have finally found it!

#10. We don’t want to imagine what happened to the poor wretch sitting on that bench …

#11. “Do not eat”. Really?

Not only have these lonely trees literally invaded the world of human beings, they have practically devoured it!

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