15 Times People Made Interesting Discoveries By Looking Inside Ordinary Things.

We use ordinary objects just looking at their surface and considering their use: we use golf balls to play, garden frogs to decorate, cases to protect our phones, cans to quench our thirst, puppets to play. Some people, intentionally or accidentally, found themselves looking inside common objects and were surprised to see what they were hiding. What we see is not always reality, or at least it is only part of it. What are the objects made of? What are they hiding in them? Is there an invisible and mysterious side beneath the surface? These 15 photos show us that this is the case. And if, after looking at these photos, you feel a detective’s curiosity and have the urge to break (accidentally, of course) an object to discover its true nature, don’t forget to share your discovery with us.

#1. Inside a plush.

image credit: jpellizzi/reddit

The dog destroyed his toy and inside the owner found another soft toy, but very sad.

#2. While playing pétanque, he broke a ball.

image credit: cbnimble/reddit

And inside he found many billiard balls.

#3. Two dice.

image credit: IsshunGo/reddit

By breaking a dice, this person realized that his interior was hiding another.

#4. A golf ball.

image credit: imgur

This is what a golf ball looks like on the inside.

#5. The frog in the garden.

image credit: Brutl/reddit

One person broke a sculpture that was in the garden and discovered that it was hiding two snowmen inside.

#6. One orange in the other.

image credit: Ineption/reddit

This man found a very small orange, with a skin, inside a normal orange: its quarters are tiny.

#7. Two cans.

image credit: imgur

#8. A tree within a tree.

image credit: Toastiimuffin/reddit

#9. A screwdriver.

image credit: imgur

The handle of the screwdriver has another handle on the outside.

#10. A heart inside a soft toy.

image credit: pizzapost / reddit

The dog destroyed the plush, and the master inside found a small heart.

#11. Another ball hidden inside.

image credit: FLURIDUH/imgur

#12. A bullet in a tree.

image credit: TheWackyProphet/reddit

#13. Inside an egg.

image credit: Pit_Mosh/reddit

This person cooked the egg and discovered another very small egg with a shell inside.

#14. Inside the phone case.

image credit: caed744/reddit

Inside is a card with beers printed on it.

#15. Garden frogs.

image credit: sansonmr/reddit

These garden frogs, inside, hide a little pig who plays the guitar.

Have you ever found something strange inside a normal object?

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