15 People Immortalized Fruits And Vegetables So Strange They Seem To Have Come To Life.

We do our shopping, open the fridge and start cooking without paying attention to the details, without really looking at what is in front of us. Sometimes nature likes to surprise us (or joke?) By giving us a strawberry that looks like an elephant, a pumpkin that is shaped like a swan, bell pepper with an angry face, or a carrot that kisses one. other. Some of nature’s gifts just seem to have human characteristics, and we’re here to ask you: do you see what we are seeing? Maybe we’re too romantic or should clean the lenses on our glasses, but in these 15 photos, the fruits and vegetables really seem to have come to life.

#1. This strawberry looks like a small elephant: you can see the trunk, the ears, the mouth and even the legs.

image credit: casos92/reddit

#2. Is it a swan or a pumpkin? A very special pumpkin in the shape of a swan – what a pity to eat it.

image credit: Chibi_Kitchen/reddit

#3. The apple cut in half looks amazingly like an owl face: aren’t they the same?

image credit: Mouse1234567890/reddit

#4. Do these peppers look more scared or angry? They didn’t want to end up like this anyway.

image credit: stan0/imgur

#5. A moment of romance not to be wasted: the two carrots make a beautiful couple.

image credit: imgur

#6. A pumpkin with a dragon’s head: who said they only exist in movies or cartoons?

image credit: uglypatty/imgur

#7. Strawberries like to take many and varied shapes: this time it’s a butterfly. Will it take off?

image credit: imgur

#8. This peanut shell looks amazingly like a duck: its torso, neck and beak are identical.

image credit: kidamy/reddit

#9. The root of this giant radish seems to have a life of its own: it has arms, legs, and is ready to take a walk.

image credit: DD1234567/imgur

#10. This onion has the expression of an angry bird: it has half-closed eyes and a threatening beak.

image credit: imgur

#11. The lemon is shaped like a banana: have you ever seen a lemon so elongated? Nature constantly amazes us.

image credit: SombreroSC / reddit

#12. This sweet potato looks exactly like a finger, it even has a fingernail: you can barely distinguish the tuber from the finger.

image credit: bowser661/reddit

#13. This carrot also has a life of its own and seems to have started a walk, it even has arms!

image credit: hardasarockbrock/imgur

#14. This cut strawberry looks like Teletubbies’ baby sun!

image credit: imgur

#15. Broccoli seems to have something to say: he has his hand up and wants to intervene in this discussion.

image credit: fungwahbus/reddit

Have you ever found odd-looking fruits or vegetables in the supermarket, in your refrigerator, or on your cutting board?

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