15 People Accidentally Found Their Lookalike In A Museum Painting.

Many people are convinced that each of us has a double or even a twin. According to some legends, we even have up to seven. We are seven billion on earth, is it possible that someone has the chance to meet theirs by chance? Absolutely, and we have proof. Some people define the doppelgänger by giving the term a negative meaning: it is the “evil twin” ready to deliver bad news, with whom one is generally not blood-related. Some people have found their doppelganger, or doppelgänger, depicted in a museum painting. This absolutely fortuitous meeting aroused astonishment and disbelief: could it be an ancestor? Do we have the power to time travel? Is it possible that at another time there was someone who looked like two drops of water? It seems so: these 16 photos show us similarities that are both disturbing and fascinating. Who Said Art Is Far Away? Often in a portrait, we can rediscover ourselves.

#1. Identical.

image credit: Davidurbon / imgur

When you find yourself painted in a museum.

#2. He just wanted to visit a museum.

image credit: WreckedTangled/imgur

But he found his double.

#3. In Zurich.

image credit: Melbourneer/twitter

This boy found his dopplegänger and decided to face him: face to face.

#4. All that’s missing is the armor.

image credit: sidshembekar/reddit

#5. The same beard and the same expression.

image credit: datman510 / reddit

In another life, this man was a samurai.

#6. A proud look.

image credit: imgur

#7. A journey through time.

image credit: reddit

#8. At the Louvre.

image credit: johadato/imgur

#9. When you meet someone you weren’t expecting.

image credit: imgur


image credit: artinstitutechi/instagram

#11. All that’s missing is the slightly more square jaw.

image credit: mahgeneve/instagram


image credit: racoon_goon/reddit

#13. Looks like father and son.

image credit: DaytonArt/twitter

#14. A woman from another time, very distant.

image credit: venegocho/imgur

#15. A disturbing resemblance.

image credit: rofloflo/instagram

How many times have we heard, “You know you look amazingly like …?” The concept of look-alikes, or doppelgängers, has its roots in distant legends. Legend has it that Sosie was one of the most faithful servants of Amphitryon, grandson of Perseus. In the East, on the other hand, it is said that people are connected by an invisible mental thread: they are identical people. All legends have a grain of truth: there are people who have found their double, although the probability is very low.  

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