15 Menacing Guard Animals Hiding Behind The “Watch Out For The Dog” Sign

People who have a dog – and let it roam free in the house, garden, or yard – hang the famous “Beware of the dog” sign on the gate. From the outside, we passers-by imagine a large, four-legged animal ready to growl and bark whenever someone tries to approach their property and that of their owners. This is not always the reality. There are the classic warning signs, there are quirky and bizarre signs behind which are threatening dogs, and then there are signs that do not correspond to reality: 15 people shared photos of ” dogs dangerous “that are behind signs. In some cases,

#1. Something went wrong.

image credit: BFGUN/reddit

You have to be careful with the dog, but the dog doesn’t seem to care much about his babysitting job.

#2. It doesn’t really look like a dog.

image credit: ToothMan22/reddit

Or maybe “dog” is a generic way of saying “any animal you see behind the gate”?

#3. You really have to be careful.

image credit: LucifersDuckling/imgur

How do you put a sign like that when there’s a little puppy looking at you with those eyes?

#4. It is not very scary.

image credit: LucifersDuckling/imgur

#5. He seems to be looking for a hug.

image credit: LucifersDuckling/imgur

He straightened up to see who was approaching the house. We’re pretty sure his intention was not to scare but to attract attention.

#6. An unusual watchdog.

image credit: LucifersDuckling/imgur

He too knows how to keep unwelcome people away.

#7. How small he is!

image credit: LucifersDuckling/imgur

Large signs that inspire fear and small dogs that seek affection.

#8. We are really terrified.

image credit: LucifersDuckling/imgur

The panel image does not seem to reflect reality.

#9. Cats that feel like dogs.

image credit: LucifersDuckling/imgur

He’s a curious cat: who came to visit him?

#10. The expressions of those who want a lot of hugs.

image credit: LucifersDuckling/imgur

#11. No need to be careful.

image credit: LucifersDuckling/imgur

These poses really instill fear in passers-by.

#12. We are scarier ourselves.

image credit: LucifersDuckling/imgur

#13. How to take the sign seriously?

image credit: reddit

#14. A guard dog?

image credit: ChristopherD11/twitter

Maybe this Golden Retriever needs some training.

#15. Look, he’s standing right there.

image credit: superchucho1982/instagram

Are there more effective ways to protect your home? Probably yes, but we’re sure none of them manage to be this fun.

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