15 Disastrous Commercials That Are Remembered For The Wrong Reasons

What are the elements of good advertising? A good advertisement is the one that catches the attention of those who watch it, the one that is remembered, and especially the one that allows the brand to enter the minds of consumers. Behind a good advertisement, there must be a good idea, with a clear and strong message to convey. An advertisement is also well done when it has a pleasing graphic appearance and is placed in a strategic location. There are many companies or agencies that take care of advertising, play with the decor and let it be responsible for conveying a message.

Unfortunately, some ads are remembered for the wrong reasons they are a total failure. The graphics are bad, Photoshop is misused, the message is misleading, the idea does not exist, it is placed in a totally wrong place. Advertising is no joke: someone’s reputation is always on the line, but not everyone seems to remember it. We have selected 15 disastrous advertisements, and we can’t help but wonder who made them: is it an agency or a cousin who improvises advertising?

#1. At least she has a beautiful smile.

image credit: MrFluxWolf/reddit

We doubt that this advertisement was imagined this way: it is important to rely on expert hands even when it is necessary to take the next step, that of billboards.

#2. Where are the legs?

image credit: TheHolyParsnip reddit

What exactly is advertised? This ad distracts our attention from the rest and makes us focus on the detail of the missing legs.

#3. Someone hasn’t thought of the corners.

image credit: SirToastyToes/reddit

Good advertising should also take into account where it is placed. 

#4. Looks like a vampire.

image credit: fitygrands/reddit

When you don’t think well about graphic design.

#5. It doesn’t look like the best summer ever.

image credit: reddit

The graphics and the advertising text go in two opposite directions. What is the message ?

#6. They are not very appetizing.

image credit: Llodsliat/reddit

It is certainly not the best way to advertise a pizzeria for children.

#7. More frightening than wonderful.

image credit: imgur

#8. A not-so-smart way to advertise apples.

image credit: Red_Rolo09/reddit

Wasn’t Snow White poisoned by an apple?

#9. Eyes in weird positions.

image credit: riddler645/imgur

#10. What beautiful legs!

image credit: imgur

#11. Maybe too flexible.

image credit: Omega_Hamster/reddit

#12. Why a crying child?

image credit: TerrariaExpert/reddit

#13. Someone has gone too far with Photoshop.

image credit: MeerK4T/reddit

#14. Find the word that does not match the context.

image credit: TheJemcins/reddit

#15. The boss and his lookalikes.

image credit: doctor_blob/reddit

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