Beauty And Mystery, Fascination And Decadence: 15 Abandoned Places Where Time Seems To Have Stood Still.

Time sometimes seems to stand still: it is only an impression, and yet some places do not evolve, do not change, they remain as they once were. This is the case with abandoned places: streets, shops, churches, houses, structures that man has ceased to use and inhabit. In this technological and urbanized world, it is difficult to find places that have not been touched by the hand of man for many years. This is why those who discover these lost buildings and activities can only immortalize them: over the years, they have acquired a whole new appeal, an appeal that combines beauty and mystery, fascination and decadence . We have selected 15 places where time seems to have stood still,

#1. A construction project near Tehran: today it is an abandoned place.

image credit: JohnnyShadows reddit

It almost looks like the setting of an apocalyptic movie.

#2. A forgotten church in Russia, which nature slowly encompasses in its landscape.

image credit: DrZolEpstein reddit

#3. An abandoned Gothic structure, photographed in the dark.

image credit: Blessed tangerine reddit

Is it more disturbing or fascinating?

#4. A port with ships that have not been used, some even for decades.

image credit: MathDant reddit

#5. An old train that has stopped running on the tracks.

image credit: airborneANDrowdy reddit

Now he is completely surrounded by nature.

#6. An electric car company that went bankrupt: Here is the situation after the closure.

image credit: WideEyes369 reddit

#7. An old abandoned restaurant that a passer-by came across.

image credit: hallchris reddit

#8. The rails on which the train was running: slowly, even here, nature is resuming its rights.

image credit: spacejockey reddit

#9. An old abandoned house in the middle of the forest.

image credit: nobody reddit

Look where the trees have grown, we wonder what the house must have looked like in the past.

#10. An abandoned treehouse in New Guinea.

image credit: renderer/reddit

A very large tree, and you can also see stairs: who had the courage to climb to the top?

#11. An abandoned playroom, seen from the inside.

image credit: bunzek reddit

The machines have been covered with a thick layer of dust, but they remain fascinating: they catapult us into another time.

#12. Torre Scola: a former military building, now abandoned, in Italy.

image credit: K1nsey reddit

#13. A Gothic church located in Portugal.

image credit: drrn reddit

This edifice also reminds us of a scene from a movie that we have already seen.

#14. An old amusement park: the ones pictured were a roller coaster.

image credit: reddit

#15. The interior of an old French church.

image credit: ryguy reddit

Nature slowly gives the building a new beauty.

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