14 ‘defects’ Of Nature That Can Confuse Us A Lot.

Nature has several gifts to give us and what fails can give us impressive scenarios.

Meet 15 defects of nature that can confuse us a lot:

#1. The reflection of light off small ice crystals creates this surreal landscape:

#2. “My cactus has blossomed to make it look like a happy face.”

#3. A beautiful rainbow sea in Croatia:

#4. ‘ Blue Java Banana’ , a kind of blue banana from Hawaii:

#5. “This tree in my neighborhood looks like it has an eye.”

#6. “The ice formed like this on my car today.”

#7. A very different type of carrot called a “black carrot”:

#8. “I found this beautiful elephant moth in my garden.”

#9. A spider web similar to Spider-Man:

#10. A shell that appears to have been a mermaid’s favorite object:

#11. Natural selection got the camouflage right for this frog:

#12. Lightning decided to imitate a tree:

#13. An amazing giant blue crab:

#14. An albino raccoon:

Which ‘flaw’ surprised you the most? Leave us your comments! Share this gallery with your friends so they can be impressed and learn that mistakes teach us the most.

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