13 Hidden Signs To Know If Your Cat Is Telling You “I Love You”

Cats have a very peculiar behavior that, at times, can be misunderstood because of its profound diversity compared to humans. Still, life without a cat is not very fun: after all, we can’t wait for our little one to surprise us with a butterfly hunt or complain when we get home from work. If he suddenly bites us after being petted, don’t think he’s angry with us but extremely happy! It’s strange, isn’t it? However, our cat can show us his affection in many ways .


image credit: Unsplash

Your cat won’t accidentally put its muzzle on your lips: cats know very well where to aim to show affection.

If he tends to rub his little head against yours, don’t take that as a sign of hostility, but always as a deep sign of affection.

When he looks at you, does he look at you with rolled eyes? He is simply blinded by your greatness.

If, lying down, he doesn’t seem to want to leave you alone and comes to give you a “massage” on your back, be happy to accept him – he’s telling you how much he loves you!


image credit: Pixabay

Cats fully understand the expression “follow me” and will conform to it completely. Always.

As soon as you get home, they can’t help but come your way, rubbing affectionately on your legs: he is certainly hungry, but he missed you very much and he was eager to hear your voice.

Your cat loves you and when he brings you “nice” memories, like other animals, always show yourself honored towards him. Even when you just want to scream and throw the horrible trophy away.

Your cat allows you to stroke it anywhere, even on its soft belly. But you alone, and no one else, have this special permission.


image credit: Pixabay

He sleeps on your clothes: perhaps one of the most tender things that can happen to you. No matter how many times you have to remove all that hair from your t-shirt – the cat’s demeanor is adorable.

If he sleeps with you, it’s because he considers you a very comfortable pillow. Besides the fact that he worships you as a human master.

When he kindly licks your hands, he’s not teaching you a personal cleanliness lesson, but he’s trying to express his feelings to you.

If he bites your hands from time to time, don’t worry and be patient: your cat is very happy and his bites are due to being overly fond of you.

Don’t blame him for always being in your way and preventing you from doing anything – whether it’s reading a book or working at the computer – your tomcat adores you and asks for your attention.


Don’t tell us that only our cat has such … affectionate attitudes!

source used: The Guardian

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