12 Times The Eye Deceived Us And We Fell Victim To The Pareidolia Effect.

The phenomenon of pareidolia is a real cognitive deception that starts from our eyes; how many times have we imagined seeing a specific shape only to then find that what we were watching closely was something totally different? We probably rubbed our eyes to see better and to understand if we hadn’t suddenly gone mad, but don’t panic! The phenomenon of pareidolia is much more common than it seems; check out this fun gallery to believe it!

#1. This tangle of clouds looks like a real demonic creature!

image credit: Petaaa/Reddit

#2. When you go to the dentist and … there’s a buffalo looking at you!

image credit: I_Love_McRibs/Reddit

#3. And who said that sometimes only human beings need a little cigarette?

image credit: nirvanna94/Reddit

#4. These binoculars remind us so much of the character of WALL-E, the little robot from Disney …

image credit: 23_TRH-23/Reddit

#5. This cardboard box has certainly seen better times …

image credit: HemoglobinaX/Reddit

#6. This “nut” of hand cream looks like a tiny kitten!

image credit: vegetabledruggie/Reddit

#7. This potato is absolutely identical to the head and shape of a seal!

image credit: Amberlynn585/Reddit

#8. The setting sun takes the form of a smiling … scary pumpkin!

image credit: spacejockey8/Reddit

#9. Do you think I’m crazy?

image credit: MarcoBeukes/Reddit

#10. This car has some pretty suspicious headlights …

image credit: EpicRageGuy/Reddit

#11. This tree seems to come alive and want to embrace its fellow man!

image credit: yakuza_barda/Reddit

#12. A cloud reminiscent of the perfect shape of a howling wolf …

image credit: classy-insanity/Reddit

Have you ever been a “victim” of the effect of pareidolia, at least once in your life?

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