12 Amazing Photos Describe All The Uniqueness And Uniqueness Of A Country Like China.

China is a huge country, densely populated, and full of contradictions. It is nonetheless a very interesting country, where the most disparate customs leave many tourists speechless. From roasted cockroaches to police geese: things that a Western citizen can hardly observe without astonishment! If you’ve never been to China but want to get a taste of this Asian country, take a look at this photo series and be amazed by these most unusual customs.

#1. Geese instead of police dogs …

image credit: Reddit

#2. A VERY special vending machine

image credit: oreore

#3. When your alarm doesn’t go off and you have to hurry to work …

image credit: chinesepeopledoyoustyle

#4. In China (as elsewhere for that matter), we have found an equally effective way to greet each other in times of Coronavirus

image credit: Reddit / Frocharocha

#5. When you don’t speak Chinese but the flight attendants still have to ask you if you want to eat meat or fish

image credit: Reddit / Tailcock

#6. In China, more and more creative methods are being developed to maintain physical distancing …

image credit: Reddit / drink_or_die

#7. No doubt, it looks secure!

image credit: Reddit / hasha_tagooine

#8: “Whenever I feel stressed, I think back to the 50 rows of cars on the highway in China converging at 4, and the simple fact of not being in that traffic comforts me!”

image credit: Reddit / all4balls

#9. You don’t see buildings in the shape of a cell phone (vintage) every day …

image credit: Cri Online

#10. Street food in China is reaching really extreme levels in some areas

image credit: Wikimedia / Ven. Rangama Chandawimala Thero

#11. “Maybe the package that’s supposed to come to me from China is one of those …”

image credit: Imgur

#12. We also rest like that in China!

image credit: Free Dictionary

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