These Are The 10 Most Fearsome Dog Breeds That Exist

There are no dangerous dog breeds but dangerous owners …

Having a pet implies a great responsibility, not only for the care that it should be given, including its diet and regular medical care. The treatment that is given and the education they receive is also of the utmost importance since their behavior depends on this, unfortunately, many do not see it that way and then they only judge and classify as “dangerous” or “brave”, not aware that the danger they are the same owners.

What we cannot deny is that the dog is man’s best friend, the ideal little animal as a pet, and another member of the family, not only for being extremely affectionate but also for being loyal and very protective.

There are them of different races, sizes, colors, and appearances, some can cause us tenderness at first glance while others seem quite imposing, causing fear in some people although we should think that appearances are sometimes deceiving, perhaps someone has one at home and you can comment how it really is.

Next, the most imposing dogs in the world, some fear them a lot, others respect them, others admire them and there are those who think that they were created by Satan himself, what do you think?

#1. Dogo Argentino

Created by the Argentine doctor Antonio Nores Martínez with the intention of obtaining a perfect species to hunt peccaries, wild boars and red foxes. This animal has been described as brave and noble, however, its appearance means that almost no one is able to approach it.

#2. Dobero

Due to its physical characteristics, this breed of dog is considered potentially dangerous. It has a determined expression and an energetic character. It is described as vigorous, lively and courageous. The theory has long been held that man created this creature with the intention of recreating Anubis, the Egyptian God of Hell.

#3. Tosa Inu

The Tosa Inu is the Japanese fighting dog. This dog is of considerable size, it can be extremely aggressive and very willing to die fighting. Some breeders describe it as a docile, courageous, loyal, protective and prudent dog.

#4. Neapolitan Mastiff

Breeding the Neapolitan Mastiff is expensive and difficult to obtain. Its temperament, in principle peaceful, can become aggressive if its owner is not able to control it sensibly and responsibly.

#5. Pitbull terrier

This majestic dog comes from Ireland, Scotland and England, the same places where the crossing of terriers and bulldogs was experienced since the objective was to obtain a more ¨brave¨ dog, in addition to having a more athletic body. At one time they were used as fighting dogs until they were banned.

Many have classified them as ¨the perfect killer in the canine world¨, however, those who have one at home differ from this, because although in reality it is an animal that at first glance looks fearsome, the reality is that everything is in their education , treatment and training.

#6. Pitbull Merle

Its bite is believed to be so powerful that it is capable of murdering a person in a matter of seconds. Many have classified it as “aggressive and extremely strong”. It is mostly used by gang members because this dog is always ready to attack  , is it?

#7. Dogo mallorquin

The Dogo Mallorquín is a reserved and suspicious dog with strangers, somewhat violent. It has an extraordinary adaptation, however, it should not be quickly given confidence. Their education and socialization should be started as soon as possible as the race is naturally dominant.


#8. Staffordshire bull terrier

This breed was created from crosses of the old English Bulldogs with Terriers of the time to give life to dog fighting. According to a registry, this breed has starred in 1 of 7800 attacks on people worldwide.

#9. Presa canario

This large breed dog is originally from the Canary Islands as well as being considered one of the symbolic animals in this place. No matter how imposing his appearance, the reality is that he is very noble and loves to live with small children, it is the opposite of what his appearance makes us think.

#10. Cane Corso

This breed is descended from the Canis Pugnax, an extremely aggressive dog that existed in Ancient Rome. They are considered extremely strong and resistant, which is why they were used in wars to fight. This breed dates from the 16th century and it is known that it was the Italians who used them to hunt wild boars and thus protect their farms.

#11. Rottweiler

This breed is highly trained. It is a very intelligent and obedient dog, capable of learning many tasks. Its history as an obedience and show dog speaks highly of its versatility. These are ideal as protectors of family and property.

What do you think about these breeds? Do you think they are really potentially dangerous? 

If you agree that their behavior depends on the treatment, education, and training they receive, spread the word. Let’s stop demonizing races and start giving them the care and love they deserve. 

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