10 Best Wedding Dresses From All Over The World!

We all love wedding day celebrations as it brings so much entertainment. People are decorated with beautiful outfits and full of different kinds of foods and fun. The most essential part of the wedding is the outfit of the bride and groom. In each country, they have different outfits according to their cultures. You can see the different bridal wears in this article.

#1 South Korea

Their conventional dress of South Koreas is Hanbok and the couple wears it. Their prosperous tradition for many years was depicted by this dress and it’s created for the couple. They use silk and less weighed material to make the dress and especially they use very glary colors.

#2 Japan

Kimono is a Japanese traditional dress. The bride’s dress is in white color and she has to wear headwear in the wedding. Uchikake, the dress is big and heavy. Grooms dress is in black color and the family acronyms are embossed in white in the costume.

#3 Cambodia

Cambodia’s dress comes from their forebears which named as Khmer. They also choose to dress up with a sarong or a sampat which means a cloth made like a trousers. Gold is one of their most favorite things and their wedding costume has many gold work and accessories.

#4 Indonesia

There are various traditions according to regions of Indonesia and Javanese, Balinese and Sudanese are the most famous triple. And all the costumes are contrasting to each other. Baju Adat or Pakaian Adat is the traditional costume of them and the manner is different according to the regions.

#5 Sri Lanka

Poruwa celebrations are one of the most important think of Sri Lankan’s weddings. Gold or cream colored Osariya and gold jewelries are wearied by the bride and the Nilame dress is the grooms wear in colors like maroons and gold.

#6 Pakistan

Sharara – lehengas the brides outfit and sherwani- kurta the grooms outfit is the wdding dress of Pakistan. The head of the bride is wrapped in the wedding occasion according to their culture. Despite the social category there wedding dress is elegant and the bride also wears so much beautiful ornament.

#7 India

India has different kind of wedding costumes according to their region and religion. A common thing of their costume is the silk, exquisite jewelry and bright colors. Grooms outfit is basically a dhoti and bare chested or Sherwani or shirt. The bride’s outfit is a Lehengas, Sarees or Shararas. In order to commemorate the esteem, the bride and groom encrusted their heads with a head covering or a headdress.

#8 Kazakhstan

Suckle which means a big cone-shaped hat decorated with overpriced gems and golden yarns is the bride’s dress. The most costly session of the wedding is this role. This hat is affiliated with transparent clothing to hide the bride’s face throughout the occasion. This hat would be endured until the bride gives the first birth. These formulas are altering due to society and as time changing.

#9 Ghana

As we all know African people adore different bright colors. They have very flamboyant colors in there wedding outfit and you can see it in the picture below. Kente cloth which means a colorful material with nonrepresentational shapes is used to design their wedding dress. Separate Kente is worn by both the bride and groom. The groom uses this material as scarf and the bride use this material to stich a skirt and a blouse.

#10 China

We all know that Chinese people are in love with the red color. They believe that the red color represents fortune, delight, and also satisfaction. According to Chinese philosophy, red exemplifies energy, fertility, and also commemoration. They also wear red color to forbid wickedness and to assure the positivity of their life.

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